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 Imagine, just by entering your Email below, you'll see the process of how 100+ GenZ lost 8-12 Kg in 2 months. For Free. 


Stanford backed programs

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1st Fitness Community

for GenZ



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5+ Years of experienced trainers


For every program bought, 1 dog is fed.

Trusted by 1000+ Genz

Our Programs Have Received Recognition From :

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For Exclusive 18 - 24 Year Olds

We Offer 2 Programs :

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Personalised Diet Plan







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No crash diet , improve health. Get Personalised Diet 

I secretly know that you’re confused, you’re told to eat less, home cooked,  no carbs, or it’s your “genes” but Finally know what's best for you.

1-1 Consultation with Best Trainers in india 

Plans according to your preferences, timings, affordability, routine, family situation, etc. 


No On & Off Diet, Cut craving forever. 


New healthier lifestyle


Permanently lose weight, wear the clothes you want and feel confident

Stop doubting your entire existence because you can’t follow a plan,

It’s about right guidance, not “hard work”.

50% discount for this month ^

2 Month Program - Get Personalised Diet, Workout Plan & Daily Expert Support

For Literally A Hand Holding Guidance

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Get step-by-step online guidance on :

How to lose 8-12 kgs in 2 months while improving health & educating yourself inside - out, so you aren’t dependent on anyone. 


Diet Plan (mentioned above)

Be Accountable

By sharing meal pictures daily, to get guaranteed  results.

Workout plans 

Get rid of belly fat, be fit and look good. 
Turn chest fat to a toned upper body for boys and thigh fat to toned legs for girls.

New routine

Fix your sleep & mental health

1 - 1 video call with your trainer every week

FREE entry to our first exclusive GenZ Community (for first 100 users)

Note -   Invite your Pal and both of you will get 1 month FREE ( equals to 7,000 Rs off) || 30% discount till 15th july.  


P.S - We’ve hired the best coaches of India and can only serve the first 100 People.



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“By PeakPals guidance, I lost 13Kg in 2 months. 

“I tried everything to lose weight, but nothing worked, all changed when I realized, it's about right guidance and transformed, and started PeakPals"


From extraordinary 18 Y/O to Forbes 30 Under 30, Delhi to globally

Only common thing I’ve seen in People who got extraordinary results is

They don’t wait for the

Perfect Time. 

Till 15th July

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