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Find out 5 Hacks that 100+ GenZ did to lose 8-12 kg in 2 months while improving health 


I’m Raghav Budhraja, Founder @PeakPals. 
33% of school kids in New Delhi are obese, I was one of them.


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I would find clothes to look slim, would hold my breath while getting pictures clicked, and was even bullied. 

All I wanted was to get rid of my belly & feel confident

Felt like I tried everything but nothing worked. 
Later,  I met a football coach who gave me the right guidance And I completely transformed.

And went on to become a footballer 

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But ended up breaking both my knees, in two years. 

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Then I dropped out of college, deactivated social media, and spent 3 years learning about Investing in

stock markets, and had

1.5 Million in Option Turnover, 

but lost it all.


During these hard times with sleepless nights & depression 

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The only thing that kept me going was -

Working on my fitness, all in at - Peak.
Being with the right people - Pals.

That’s how PeakPals was born. 




I want My generation-GenZ to have the right guidance, 
and be with the right people, to grow as a person & have fun when they’re young. 

Average trainers will say, the way we’re transforming

people is impossible 

Yet we’ve transformed 100 Lives.

 Imagine a world where every GenZ is performing at

their peak to create a new future, together! 


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Our goal is create the biggest Web3 fitness community 

Where you own it too, by  NFTS, Social Tokens, or a DAO - to grow together. 


We’re Peak - Pals, If you get a  Pal, and opt for our 2 - month program you both will get 1 month FREE 
(equals to 7,000 Rs off) 


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